This is a campaign set in te world of Arkhand, a world where the concept of nations yet has come to the peoples thoughts, but kings are common nevertheless.

In the cold north lies mountains and forested lands, where tribal warriors hunt under the leaf crowns, climb the rocky heights and sail south to trade.

In the east the deltas from the northern mountains creates a djungle and swampland that hides many dark seekrets. The people who live here are never to be kept closer than the reach of your sword, many fools have lost their lives under a sacrificial dagger of a druid or witch doctor.

But our campaign takes place in the central and southern parts of the lands, where the feudal states of the deserts and steppes lies. The people here do not consider themselves part of anything bigger than the land their kings and lords own. Warlords rise and fall, no one has yet been able to create a kingdom strong enough to last, even the larger of the kingdoms rarely consists of anything more than a few cities that are ruled under one and same king or council.

It is an unforgiving land with hot sun, mad gods and dark creatures hiding and waiting in its shadows.

The tale of two